We can turn your vision into reality.  Carati has been building custom jewellery for our customers for years, and our experience in the craft has made us second to none when it comes to a quality, durable piece of custom jewellery.

We bring a lot to your custom project:

  • Over 11 years experience creating unique, one-off pieces of custom jewellery.
  • An on-site goldsmith
  • An on-site gemologist

The process is fairly straightforward and designed with you in mind.  Throughout the process we will make recommendations based on your needs and budget, ensuring that the final result is everything you hoped for.

It All Begins With a Consultation

Before we can create your masterpiece we first assess what your specific needs and requirements are.  We will ask a series of questions designed to give us better perspective on what you envision, the materials to be used, as well as any unique requirements your project may hve.

We can custom make nearly anything at almost any budget, and our initial diagnostic conversation will give us the complete scope of your project as well as set realistic expectations and timelines for you.

Next Comes the Design

After determining your needs, budget, and project requirements, we get to designing.  For many people this is the most exciting part!

We employ a variety of technologies when designing your jewellery.  We often employ the user of computer aided design (CAD) software, and just as often we’ll break out paper and pencils and get to drawing.

This is an excellent opportunity to make changes to the design, as at this stage you have complete freedom to shape your jewellery exactly as you envisioned it!

Construction Begins on the Approved Design

Once the design for your new custom piece of jewellery has been finalized we then begin construction.  This is the “behind the scenes” step that you don’t see.

First using CAD software to render the ring, we will begin to shape each element of it.  Using CAD software gives us the ability to preview the ring in real-time before actual creation, minimizing the potential for mistakes or other problems that may arise without its use.

When everything looks perfect in 3D we then create a model of the item in wax.  This wax model will then be cast in gold or platinum.

Finally, You Get to Enjoy It!

After construction comes what it sure to be your favourite step: completion!

Come visit us in-store and pick up your new custom jewellery piece.

The entire process takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks from start to finish, and once we’re done you’ll get to enjoy it for a lifetime.