Picking a diamond can be a very daunting task. Whether it is for an engagement ring, pendant, earrings, or bracelet it is hard to know which diamond will suit your needs. Here are some helpful hints on the 4 C’s to help you buy your perfect diamond.

Cut  |  Carat  |  Colour  |  Clarity


Cut is (in our opinion) the number one C! Cut is how well a diamond is faceted and proportioned, and it determines how a diamond sparkles. The better the cut, the more brilliant the diamond. Ideal cut is a diamond that has been cut to specific mathematically determined proportions to reflect the most light, making the diamond extremely brilliant.



Carat is a measurement of weight, not size! So keep in mind that a difference of .10ct between diamonds is spread out over the entire stone, not just the diameter. Carats are divided up into points. 100 points is a 1.00ct or 1 carat diamond. The larger the weight of the diamond is the higher the value.


Clarity is how “clean” or free of inclusions a diamond is. Almost all diamonds have natural forming characteristics called inclusions. The placement, size and number translates into the diamonds clarity grade.  The less inclusions there are, the higher the clarity and value. The lowest grade is “I” (included) and the highest grade is “Fl” (flawless). SI (slightly included) and higher has no visible inclusions to the naked eye, so you don’t need a flawless diamonds to get a gorgeous stone.


4Cs_image_color-croppedColour is how much yellow or brown is in the diamond.  In this case less is more. Most diamonds have a small amount of yellow or brown in them. The grading ranges from D (the highest rating) down to Z. Staying in the G/H range will get you a lovely white diamond, if you like a little more blue/white in your stone try the E/F range. The closer to D colour the higher the value. Coloured Diamonds have a different grading system. They are very expensive because they are so rare.