It all starts with the right piece, and from there it snowballs into something so much more significant.  

Below is a small sampling of the collections we carry and the products they represent.  It would be impossible for us to display all of our inventory online due to the ever-changing nature of our industry, but the below will give you an idea of what you can expect when you enter our store.


California born fine jewelry and watch brand, ALOR®, is the leading global designer and manufacturer of luxury stainless steel cable and 18 karat gold jewelry. ALOR® combines casual simplicity with high fashion elegance for the contemporary woman with 18 karat gold, diamond and signature cable designs that are a result of a three decade old establishment.

Designer and Chairman Jack Zemer and his wife, ALOR® President, Sandy Zemer have created an artful collaboration of timeless yet modern pieces in their family business devoted to women.

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Since 1850, ArtCarved has been one of the most trusted brands in North America. Authorized jewellers are trained to guide you through the process of choosing a ring you will love forever. Beautifully crafted diamond engagement rings and wedding bands for both the bride and groom. Falling in love is easy with ArtCarved.


Each Bouquet is an impeccably engineered setting of a single diamond surrounded by nine others creating the unmistakeable look of a single brilliant cut diamond up to three times the carat weight. Make an impression, even from a distance with the brilliance of Bouquet by Max Strauss.


The special moments in life that take your breath away are few and far between. CrownRing believes that when a couple gets married they are king and queen of their world, able to reign over their new life. Hence, CrownRing.

For unmatched craftsmanship, design and comfort, CrownRing is today’s jewelry of choice. From white and yellow gold to black and white cobalt, to diamonds and alternative metals, CrownRing’s collections of jewelry has something for everyone to celebrate their special day.

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Endless Jewelry is designed to be fun, festive and elegant. The colorful DNA of Endless Jewelry is all about being creative, being elegant, having fun, being playful and to mix and match. The line of colorful leather wrap bracelets, necklaces and the elegant Sterling Silver bracelets with a range of unique charm designs allow you to express your personality, to blend in or to stand out. Your colors, your choices.

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The world’s most carefully selected diamonds.

Each Forevermark diamond comes with a promise: that it is beautiful, rare and has been responsibly sourced.

Less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are eligible to be inscribed as Forevermark – making them the most carefully selected diamonds in the world. With a unique inscription at their very heart, these are diamonds you can be proud to give and to wear.

Forevermark is part of the De Beers group of companies, benefitting from over 120 years of diamond expertise. Established in 1888, De Beers is the world’s leading diamond company, with unrivaled expertise in the exploration, sourcing and marketing of diamonds. The De Beers group is committed to sustainable development. It takes responsibility for the long­term economic, social and environmental implications in the communities in which it operates.

Frank Reubel

When you buy a piece from Frank’s collection you quickly recognize his many years of experience and his passion for the arts. These designs are for the women that wants unique and modern jewellery. His pieces show the varied creative skills he has acquired along the way; artist, film maker, photographer as well as a respected, award winning designer of fine jewelry.

Noam Carver

Noam Carver is a sculptor, designer and goldsmith whose jewelry unites classic and contemporary motifs from around the world.

From concept through fabrication, each piece is meticulously hand-crafted with precious metals and rare, one-of-a-kind gemstones.

Noam’s designs have garnered numerous awards including MJSA, Canadian Jeweler, National Jeweler, National Jeweler “Best Of”, and the Centurian Designer Award.

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Between creativity and the future, Pesavento tells a new tale of luxury that goes beyond jewellery’s previous limits to mould precious material, gold, silver, and gemstones into original shapes and extraordinary volumes.

Pesavento creates jewellery with strong, vibrant, instinctive charm. Objects of poetry that enchant and seduce at first sight.

Since 1992, Pesavento has been a point of reference in precious material design, a distinctive name in Italian style renowned throughout the world by those capable of seeing beauty in form and value in detail.

Each and every Pesavento jewel is entirely “Made in Italy” and the fruit of research that combines the classic workings of the Italian goldsmith’s tradition with stylistic innovation and technological experimentation.

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Every Ritani engagement ring is expertly designed and handcrafted in our New York studio. Our jewelers work with you to create a genuine expression of love.

Your ring has a unique story. From the first sketch, to the moment the gleaming platinum or romantic rose gold reaches her finger, Ritani artisans reflect your passion through rich, custom detailing. The final effect is truly breathtaking.

Ross Haynes

For over twenty years Ross Haynes has been creating fine gold jewellery at their waterfront design studio, located on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada. Living in the Pacific Northwest, they are inspired every day by waves glinting under the sun, sandstone beaches, magnificent beaches and seaside wildlife.

SOHO: The Art of Enamel

Meticulously handcrafted in Italy, each SOHO creation uses a proprietary finish and innovative techniques to fuse ancient metals with precious gemstone pigment creating an enamel unparalleled in its durability and lustre. All of this while maintaining a sinuous and smooth hand feel that only a handmade luxury good can provide. SOHO’s pieces are versatile and interchangeable allowing women to move effortlessly from day to evening by the addition of a bangle, or two.

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